What would you like to see lolita fashion wise in the future?
Hello everyone!

For awhile now ive been into making homemade lolita and finally decided I would like to get a small business going. My first ambition has been to create custom textile patterns for my dresses. I just wanted to ask and see what the various different lolis thought they would want to be seeing in the near future. I know most name brand companies have a niche and stick to it, but if you could see something new what would it be?

Im grateful for every ones opinions <3

Looking for RHS~US size 6
Hi everyone I am looking for a pair of RHS (Rocking Horse Shoes) in a size six.... I dont really want to pay full price if I can find a pair used instead.I prefer black or white but colors are nice :) Also if anyone is selling JSK dresses I would like to know :) I love homade JSK, so if your a seamstress who has some lovely items shes looking to part with please inform!


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